Ionic2: How inject dependencies in a global class?

I have some pages in my app (page1,page2 page3) which extends a global class called basePage.

How inject dependencies in this basePage? i can’t inject them by constructor(), i get some conflicts when i call super() in each child pages…

if i want inject my providers by constructor, i must inject them first in my child page:


export class page1 extends basePage {
    constructor(private nav: NavController) {


constructor(nav) {
        this._nav = nav;

So, how can i directly inject my dependencies in basePage?:

import { NavController} from 'ionic-angular';
constructor() {
    this._nav = MAGICMETHODINJECTION(NavController)

Thank you.

I think inheritance is an overrated concept in general, and especially so in JavaScript. Can you achieve your overall goal using composition instead?

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It’s seem easier to inject all my dependencies in each pages… i just need another way to inject all my depencies, not inside constructor, is there a method to do that, or we must put them in contructor parameters?

Why? You are being very coy about what you are really trying to achieve, which makes it hard to help you.

Dependency injection in the contructor is only a very short form of that what really happens .

but it would be a mess not to do it in the constructor.

And inheritance will not really work for angular components / ionic pages.

If i understand good, not use constructor to inject my dependecies could be dangerous and make my app unstable? So, if i want make a global page,
which groups some methods and properties used in all my pages, it’s better to inject all dependecies i need in this global in all pages and then pass them by inheritance in my “super()” call?

Thank you

Inheritance will not work for components in ionic rc4.

You will need angular >= 2.3 for that.

I still don’t understand why OP is so attached to using inheritance here.