Import Ionic CSS and Style in basic angular project

Hi !
I have a problems, i’m developping a web site/app in simple angular
tis is not a Ionic solution

I want to import the ionic “css” style to put some ionic component in my app BUT i dont want this to be a Ionic app/project.

All my app is with basic bootstrap component and i want to use like “ion-card” or other in some component
how can i do ? i tried to import some of the CSS present in @ionic/angular but it doesn’t work …

my version of angular is:
Angular CLI: 7.3.9
Node: 12.13.1
OS: linux x64
Angular: 7.2.15

if you need more details, just ask ! Thanks a lot !

hey, upping my topic, still no solution

still upping no one gat a solution ?