Implementing pdf digital SIgnature in ionic 3

Any Ideas? Currently I am looking for solutions to add signature (which can be obtained from angular 2 signaturepad) on an existing pdf and save it as a new file

Looking for suggestions and idea on how to implement this feature

That’s an interesting one.

A combination of pdfmake and the signature pad would do it.

If I get a bit of time tomorrow might cook something up.

I admit that the pdfmake documentation feels a bit daunting to me… but I’ll appreciate if you cook up something nice for this much needed feature :slight_smile:

Bump bump. Updates to this folks?

Hey man.

Working on it right now.

Always a laugh :slight_smile:

Check out this implementation… done just for you

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Hi Judgewest.

It doesn’t work. I tried to wire the generatePdf() function with a button (click) event and nothing comes out :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ve made an update to it to make the generatePdf the main function to be called, which in itself will call the signature capture. Just git pull to get the latest.

At the end it’ll display a base64 string representing the PDF.

So here’s the last question… what’s the end goal? What exactly do you want to do with that PDF?

  • Display and print there and then?
  • Upload to a web service?

Is it possible to drag and drop the created signature into an existing pdf file ? Thanks.

That deserves its own question.

I would suggest capturing the signature and syncing it to a server to be added to a PDF.