Implementing Capacitor share

I’m trying to implement native sharing using Capacitor’s share plugging, but it’s not working either on the web or on native devices, below is my code :

import { Share } from "@capacitor/share";

async function shareContent() {
      const isShareContent = await Share.canShare();

      if (isShareContent.value) {
        await Share.share({
          title: "See cool stuff",
          text: "Really awesome thing you need to see right now",
          url: "",
          dialogTitle: "Share with buddies",
                          class="mr-3 pointer-cursor"

Then I call the shareContent function by clicking it, anywhere on the app. I use Ionic and vue

Is too less information. What happens? Any logs in the console?

The code looks right. I am using it in Vue as well.

A couple of tips. You should use Share.canShare() to make sure sharing is available.

Second, you should wrap it in a try /catch as if the user cancels the share, it throws a JS error. If I remember correctly, the error doesn’t cause any issues, I just didn’t like seeing it in the console.

Hi @twestrick ,

Thanks for your suggestion. I already use the Share.canShare() to ensure that the platform is capable of sharing, on the web browser, it returns false on the console obviously. Not so sure how I can test on mobile devices.

Warm Regards.

To test on a mobile device, you just run it as usual, either in an emulator or physical device.

Capacitor share doesn’t work in web browsers but only on mobile devices.

This is my working function:

async share(): Promise<void> {

    await Share.share({
     title: "Your title",
     dialogTitle: "Some other title",
     text: "The message you want to share"


It works in some web browsers like safari (desktop and iOS) , chrome (Android, windows and Chrome OS), edge, etc.

See the full support at Web Share API | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

It might require a secure context (https url)

What you says it’s true but I’m not sure it’s a viable option… You want to be able to use a share feature on more browsers than those you mentioned. It depends on the requirements.