Social Sharing Remote Images

Is there any option out there that provides native social sharing for iOS & Android and allows sharing of remote files?

I’ve got standard sharing working with “@capacitor/share” however in order to share a file with that plugin it would have to be a local file. We’re trying to allow our members to share images hosted on our website without having to download the image first.

So then I found “@byteowls/capacitor-filesharer” and got that setup and running without errors, however that plugin is just doing nothing now. When I run ionic serve, and click the share button this plugin downloads the image to my computer. If I run ionic capacitor run android and open the app on my device, then click the share button, nothing happens. The console shows a response in the success callback but no share menu shows at all.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a better plugin? Is this not possible right now?