Implementation of multiple markers

I am new at ionic, help me in the implementation for multiple markers on the google map using cordova plugin. in the docs of apache cordova there is very little explanation about the implementation, help in the code palcement for multiple markers.

Check this link and then, this other one

Thank you!
But according to the apache cordova using it this way is not correct, it slows down the app and may go to dead end.
Any other code snippet if you have.
Thanks again!

What makes it incorrect?
If you have static markers you can store them in an array, no need to use database. Of course sending requests to your server will take more time (and then, slow your app) than having static markers. If you want to display users’ position, you can call the function every 5-10-15 seconds for example instead of using small intervals or you can even try (no idea how it works).

Okay thanks @vizoni i got it fixed at my end
Now a new issue is my apps side bar is overlapping on the Map.
I have gone through all the fixes for this issue but it lets me to some other problems, if you any fixes for this need help.
Thanks @vizoni

I’m not sure if I understood what’s going on now.
Can you provide screen shots and part of your code? Maybe someone else can help with the details you share.

Okay thanks,
i will share screen shots.