Images from assets not displayed on IonImg

i’m trying to show an image from assets folder but is not working.

· Image path:

· IonImg src:

<IonImg class="logo" src="assets/images/rgm.jpg"/>

I’m newbie using Ionic, any help it’s welcome.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello ! It’s more a React problem than Ionic :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m not good too)

Your images should be in /public/assets/images

I just found this link to explain public's utility and more (I didn’t read it), could be interesting


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Hi! Done!
Thanks for reply! :ok_hand:

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I have the same image problem that is not displayed.
I created an images folder in the public / assets folder but nothing to do it does not appear in my browser.
Thank you in advance.

Well I finally found the problem.
I had put <img src="public/assets/images/punisher.jpg" />
but you just had to put <img src="assets/images/punisher.jpg" />