Images from assets folder not showing

Hi, I’m trying to create a tutotial page like the onde in the Ionic 2 like the one in the preview application here:

So, I just copy/paste the html code and the component code. The image source is binded to the ‘image’ property of the slide object like this:

      title: "Welcome to the Docs!",
      description: "The <b>Ionic Component Documentation</b> showcases a number of useful components that are included out of the box with Ionic.",
      image: "assets/images/startup/test/test.png",

I created a new side menu project from Visual Studio templates and added the Github code for the tutorial page. The only thing I changed from the source in git was the image path. And as you can see in the screenshot, the image exists in my project.


Am I missing something here?

This two links helped me out (more than the forum):

As of Ionic 2 RC 0, the correct place to put your images is in src/assets/img/ and the correct code to reference the image is <img src="assets/img/myImg.png">. Please see Ionic’s change log for RC0 (specifically #28).

The last one solved my issue.

If it doesn’t for you, try putting it directly on the assets/img directory, instead of a sub-directory.