Images are not being copied on Build

Hello All,

When I Build my app, the images in my /src/assets/images folder are not being copied over to /build/assets/images.

I’ve search around for answers and just cannot find the reason why it’s not working.

ANY help would be appreciated!

Thank you!

Images should usually go in the public folder. They then get copied over to the dist folder on build. This is at least for a Vue app.

Thanks for responding, very much appreciated! I’m using React and I believe it works a bit differently as images are supposed to be copied from /src/assets/images to /build/assets/images when you run the Build command. Problem is, only 59 are being copied out of the 122 in the images folder and NONE of the sub folders are being copied over.

Interesting. FWIW, the React Starter project has the same structure with a public folder.

Yes, I used the started project and it is working just not for ALL images. Not sure if maybe there’s some sort of limit, filter or anything else not allowing them to be copied. Thanks again for responding.