imagePicker and exif

Hello all,
I know i am not the first one to ask about this subject, but I read a lot and things are still unclear to me.
I am working on a project which demands me a multi-image pick and fetch the date of creation of each image.
I see 3 solutions:

    If i understand well, there is no way to pick up the exif data with this plugin, which seems really weird. How do you guys deal with it if you do not have the orientation of the image?? In the past I found out that iOS was sending me a lot of rotated images on another project. Is there any workaround I am missing?

There are these 2 plugins but the last commits were 2 years ago:

I just found another solution:

Am I missing something? I am wondering if I should just go for cordova-plugin-camera and have a single picture upload, but that really destroys the whole purposeā€¦

Moreover, I discovered cordova-plugin-photo-library and I will give a try to see if I can use it at my advantage, and I will leave my experience over here.

Let me know what you guys currently use!

Thank you

I have the same problem, did you solve it?