Multiple original images from Gallery preserve EXIF

Hey there

We are using Ionic 3.0 in order to upload images to an external repository. In order to upload the images we would like the user to select images from the Gallery / Camera Roll on iOs and Android.

Is there a cordova plugin that allows accessing the Gallery and returns a list of files to the original image. We need the original file because we need the original EXIF File Headers.

We tried to use the Camera and the Image Picker but it seems both of those plugins are coping the files.

Bests Arkivar

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Hi There,
Have you found an answer to this?
I have been turning in circle for a long time with this… I don t even understand how we could use ImagePicker if we end up with wrongly oriented photos.

  1. The plugin is a solution, although slow, and there are some errors with Android while building.
  2. The plugin shows a “plugin_not_installed” error on android. It s a pity, as this plugin is much faster

If you find anything, please let me know. I ll keep looking around on my side.

Until now we didn’t find an answer. I think the current plugins are outdated and untested. If enough developers would like to teamup we could create one that serves this purpose. An easy way to get the original image with the native methods, We could help with the Java part on Android but would need help with iOS.

ok, have you tried GitHub - pawee/snw-cordova-imagePicker: Cordova Plugin For Multiple Image Selection ?
I use it with “options.useOriginal”, and it s really fast.
It s working fine for iOS for me, it’s just the android side that is making problem, with the “plugin_not_installed” error (linked to package.json I think, but not too sure).