Image resources directory ionic2

Where and how do I save the Imgs ?

-I tried creating it under the www folder but it didnt work after building as it deleted what I created there

-I tried doing this
and it worked fine in the browser fine but didnt work at all on my android device (broken link)

What is the right way to store and call Imgs in ionic2 ?
Using RC0
Thanks in advance.

in src/assets… basically, everything in www will be wiped out every time the app is rebuild… the index.html and everything in src/assets will be copied out into www…

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i tried that but the imgs didnt load broken url
can u share an example plz (for calling the images and the images directory)?

if previously, you were referring to your image as image/someimage.jpg, now its assets/image/someimage.jpg… sorry… I should say the whole assets folder will be copied into www… not just the folders inside it…

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I solved it by

and putting the image in the src/assets/puppy.jpg
Thanks a lot mate.