Iframe tap/click not working while scroll below a point on iOS



My app relied heavily on ionic and iframe as a hybrid app…
However, I have a big issue with using iframe inside ionic framework on iOS8…
Below is a simple code… loading from cnn.com (no worry about the cross-domain issue and iframe height issue)

	<ion-content scroll="true" overflow-scroll="true">
    <iframe data-tap-disabled="false" id="scrollingiframe" width="100%" height="2000px" frameborder="0" border="0" scrolling="no" height="100%"  ng-src="http://cnn.com"></iframe>

When you scroll down to a point inside the iframe, the hyper link or image click won’t be able to click or tap anymore…
However, same page using plugin inappbrowser will work fine without any problem… but inappbrowser is not the way i want to use…
Please help!! I might have to change the entire framework because of this…
If anyone could help me resolve this, it will very much appreciated…


It’s an iOS 8 issue, I have the same problem.


confirmed… iOS 8.1 update resolved this issue~
man~ I have finished my native app already


< ion-content overflow-scroll=“true” >< /ion-content >


I am still having this problem in IOS 10. Is there any solution?