If you're having a problem of everything becoming unclickable after closing side menu, you might want to try this

Just solved this problem on my app, thought I’d share.

if you have any menu-toggle directives in your code, change it to menu-toggle="left" or menu-toggle="right", it was working properly in beta 1 without having to assign left or right values, but in beta 6, if you do not add attribute value, ionic fails to remove the menu-open class from body, thus making the body unresponsive to touch/clicks.

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HI … i did have this problem and I solved it in a different manner…

I was using menu-toggle=“right” to open the menu and “left” to close it. However then I could not click on any of my form inputs. When I changed the menu-toggle=“left” to menu-close it then worked as expected.

wow, I’m surprised to see that something as little as this could be a problem for more than one person! I’ll definitely be sharing more of my such experiences from now on!