Menu-toggle="right" seems broken

Hi all,

I do not know if it’s the good place, but I spend a lot of time on this issue.

on 1.0.0 beta 11 - menu-toggle=“right” seems broken, menu-toggle=“left” works fine.
If you would like to toggle menu right, use the delegate $ionicSideMenuDeledate via the controller (ng-click=“ctlr.toggle()”)


just tested it it works fine.

example of both opening with menu-toggle:

how did you implement it?

Thank auro for your reply / codepen.

Your codepen works fine, but I do not find the difference with my code. I’ve tried, tried, tried … :frowning: no way to found why my code is not working. I’ll try again tomorrow night.

Thank again for your support


if you want you can send a private plunker and i will lookup.

I found the problem! The nuget is not update, it use Beta 1.

As soon I’ve linked the beta11, it works.

Big thank, good support and sorry for the inconvenience.