If you want to get started: Check out my little Ionic Weather Application demo (Open Source)


This is a little demo project to show how to implement a hybrid application with the Ionic Framework. So if you want to get started with app development, you can try to run this application first.

What does it do?

The application allows you to add locations (manual or via Geolocation) and to display the weather data (using the OpenWeatherMap API) for them.


Follow the Android and iOS platform guides to install required platform dependencies.


  • Retrieving device Information
  • Detecting the user’s current location
  • Storing data via LocalStorage
  • Fetching JSON data from a REST API (OpenWeatherMap API)
  • Displaying a splash screen
  • Using an application icon
  • Concatenating and minifying JS files using Gulp
  • Using JShint to lint the JS files
  • Uses SASS to generate css files


Due to the fact that I only have an Android phone (and no iOS Dev Account for $99 a year) I have only tested this application on my Samsung Galaxy S5 (Android).

But now feel free to download and play with it! :wink:


weather_list |


Sascha Sambale (@mastixmc)

Project URL:



Great but you forgot to link to your github project: https://github.com/mastix/Ionic-Weather-Application

LOL… you’re right… I really missed the most important information! :smile: Thanks! I’ve just added it to the initial posting.

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