Ionic Weather App

Hello all Ionites!

I created a Ionic 2 Weather app for tutorial purpose. Let me know if there are any suggestions.



how you generate an apk ?

Just installed your app on an Android phone. It’s fantastic. Exceptionally well done. Congratulations.

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Please man help, i need wheather in my app for this, i need learn you code.

Help me on this error.

Seems like somehow googlemaps devDependencies didn’t install when you ran npm install. Run following to install devDependencies of the project as mentioned in

npm install @ionic/app-scripts@0.0.48 typescript@2.0.9 @types/googlemaps@3.25.36 @types/lodash@4.14.38 @types/moment-timezone@0.2.32

For publishing, see Publish Ionic app

Fantastic work! Props to you. Thanks for sharing

Updated app to latest Ionic and Angular version. Split pane is working in tablet :slight_smile: See screenshots from below link

Now available on apple app store also. Compare performance in android and iOS.