Icons & Splashscreen generator, images stretched on device

So i tried Ionics new icons & splascreen generator thing and it works fine, i used psd template and got images but when i use them on device they are stretched.
It looks like 9 patch thing wasn’t applied to them. Did anyone used this tool and got perfect images on several test devices?
Because even when i wasn’t using ionic generator, but manually adding images and using 9-patch on them, i still got stretched images on Nexus 7, while other devices where mostly fine.

Why is the main topic closed?

The main topic was closed since its main purpose was to make the announcement.
Could you provide any more information?
Are you leaving a cropping area in the image?

If there is an issue, please make an issue for it on the cli repo.

I am not sure what more details could i provide?
What do you mean by am i leaving cropping area? In that psd i just added my image inside grid and generated files, that look fine, but stretched on device.

That is almost certainly a problem that can be fixed with 9 patch. And Ionic tool that generate this images doesn’t look like it does 9patch thing, its not mentioned anywhere.

So my question is how can we automate this and how should i fix it manually?

Maybe try generate with this tool :slight_smile:

There is a tool that comes with Android SDK that build 9patch images, it just add some specific borders to edges, so that those edges get stretched instead of whole image. And there are also other web tools that can do that for you.

But i couldn’t do it, i tried all sort of stuff but couldn’t get 9patch to work with PhoneGap, it was probably problem with pointing config.xml splashcreen to 9patch images…

I was hoping this Ionic tool would help with that. By using this ionic generator i just get worse image layout then building it manually (not the tools fault) , and images are still stretched. If we could somehow make this ionic tool to apply 9patch to images, it would be perfect :smile:

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