Icon not updated when using 'ionic resources' (one device)

We have added a resources directory in our Ionic project and also added a icon.png and splash.png with the correct dimensions.

When I build from the same PC to a HTC One X, the correct icon and splash screen are showing on this device.
When I build the same project to a OnePlusOne device I’ll see the old icon and the new splash screen.

I have tried the following, all with same result:

  • First remove the app from the OnePlusOne, then build again
  • Removed android as platform and adding it back again
  • Removed android folder from resources directory and redo ionic resources command
  • Checked if the platforms/android/res/ folder holds the correct images (it does)
  • Removed all created links in config.xml and redo ionic resources command

So a bit strange that the OnePlusOne holds the old icon but does show the new splash screen. Looks like something device specific, but I can’t find (or know) where the icon is hold on the device. I have tried doing a search, but no success. Any ideas?

splashscreen and icon can be configured in app/resources/android . and doing a
ionic resources
will update it and show the errors . That worked for me for an s4