Icon Background not there on Android 11. How do I troubleshoot this? generated w/ capacitor-resources & cordova-res

Hi, all!

I’m using Capacitor 3.5.0 and trying to deploy to android. I’ve generated splash screen and icons first with cordova-res then with capacitor-resources (after which I ran the cordova-res --copy command to copy them back over)

On my android 11 phone, the icon is using a white background (instead of the purple defined in icon-background.png. So the main design on icon-foreground.png doesn’t show up because it’s also white (icon-foreground.png has a transparent bg).

One of my test phones has Android 7. The icon looks like it’s supposed to: purple background, white design. But not on android 11.

The icon background is a plain purple png called icon-background.png size: 432 x 432.
icon-foreground.png is the same size, transparent bg and white (with some colored dots) design on it.

What do I need to troubleshoot this? pls help!

After much digging, I got it fixed. According to this post (Capacitor support for adaptive icons · Issue #110 · ionic-team/capacitor-assets · GitHub)

I needed to change

in ic_launcher_round.xml and ic_launcher.xml