I'can not use $state.go('')

Hi i’m new at ionic platform and having trouble with use $state.go(’’)

I try to do a example ionic project with loginpage. I have a controller for control user is authotanticeted.

var app = angular.module('pushClient', ['ionic', 'ui.router']);
app.config(function ($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider) {
    $stateProvider.state('notificationList', {
        url: '/',
        templateUrl: 'notifications.html',
        controller: 'notificationCtrl',

       // ..... more routing
app.controller('notificationCtrl', function ($scope, $state) {
     $scope.notificationList = notifications;

it’s working but on debug mode ionic bundle throws ‘Exception: Cannot read property ‘options’ of null’.

I can continue wtih this error but i think its not healty. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you put it into a codepen that reproduces the error in the simplest way? I created a codepen here that does some simple navigation using $state.go and it doesn’t produce that error.

There are some errors in the above code but that could be just for the example.