I want show notifications after restart device


I want to build an app like alarm app. I set the appointment and the appointment will be notified by local notifications. The application ran normally, but when I set the timer and restarted the phone, there was no notification when it was time. what should I do ? Thanks ! i am using ionic 2.


Are there any other apps that have this functionality, besides common OS apps like alarm? Something you can download from the stores?


Sorry my english is bad I am making a personal calendaring and notification application, i want set personal calendar finish then show notifications after rebooting phone. I use local notifications for notifications. I see on the phone have that function so I want to follow. Thanks.


Yes, but do you only see it in the alarm app or also in other ones that can be downloaded from the store?


i not see in store .


Then this is probably because is it not possible for normal apps.
No need for us to trying find a solution if there is not indicatin that a solution actually exists.