I need to make alpha scroll same as in ionic framework


Hello Ionic experts,
Please suggest how can i make alphabets scrollable which searches on the list as shown in the below image and the demo link

Here is the demo : [Click here to see demo][1]

How can i make this in ionic as it is present in jquerymobile.
[1]: http://www.designkode.com/demos/alphascroll/

Please suggest some idea to proceed on this.

Thanks in advance
@adam @mhartington


I need same feature in ionic. how it will be possible??


@Calendee could you please suggest any solution to this problem, i need to know it badly please help me out


Feature request: Indexed list (vertical alphabet selector)

I know this is on the roadmap, but I don’t have a solution.


Hi @Calendee could you please estimate when we can have this alpha scroll feature in upcoming versions of ionic. or do suggest any alternate way to implement it through ionic



I’m not sure when that is going to be. I’m no longer working directly with the Ionic team; so I don’t know their plans any better than you. Generally, the Ionic team is working as hard as possible on other issues. They don’t usually provide specific dates because it’s just too easy to miss them.


Thanks @Calendee for your response :wink:


Hi @andy @mhartington could you please suggest something how can i achieve alpha scroll through ionic.