Ionic 2 Alpha Scroll Component

ionic2-alpha-scroll npm version

Configurable Ionic 2 component for alphabetically indexed list with an alpha scroll bar. This component has a few improvements on the original Ionic 1 component, mainly the panning functionality on the alpha wheel scroll shown below in the demo.


I needed an alpha scroll wheel for an app I’m creating and ended up converting an existing ionic v1 directive to an angular 2 component. I think for some lists a searchbar component in ionic 2 is overkill and using an alpha scroll the item in the list you want can be accessed quicker.


  • Figure out how to make this for virtualScroll if possible.
  • Make the letter dividers optional.
  • More platform customization possibly.

This is my first component for angluar2/ionic 2. I’m sure things could be done better overall - pull requests are welcome.


Hi, could you take a look to this: