I have three button in the footer-bar,how can i set their width?

i have three button in the footer-bar, one and second button has the same width and fix the blank,how can i do

like this!

if i understand you correct:

add an own css class for those buttons with “width: 230px;” ?
So every button with you class will have a width of 230px.

i updated my topic and have a picture to show what i want!

Have you considered looking into the Ionic grid layouts?

Something like this:

This way you can set each button to take up a % of the horizontal space. A great approach as opposed to setting pixel sizes since they’ll resize accordingly on different devices :smile:

Yeah but i do not know if this works correctly in footer and header bars :wink:
and if you have a large button text you have to set min-width to look nice …

use grid like this

i solute like this