How to create full sized buttons in footer toolbar?

What I did now is to create a bottom toolbar, then within it,
There’s an ion-grid. And within ion-grid, there’s one ion-row, and four ion-col to represent the 4 buttons.

  <ion-col width-25 text-center>
    <button clear class="footer-button">
      <ion-icon name="ios-person-outline"></ion-icon><br>

However, the buttons are not filling up the toolbar, so that only a small area is responsive to click for each button. what should I do? Thanks!

<button clear full>

see doc:

also you could use <ion-segment> :

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Hey Aaron thanks! Also your Ionic2Firebase code samples are helping me greatly! I’m planning to release a production app in near future.

thanks, please do me a favor and star the repo if you find it of value and post issues there if you have any problems with the content.