I can't integrate Stenciljs component in react typescript app

hello there!
I read the doc at React Integration with Stencil - Stencil
but I don’t understand why proxiesFile have an external path ‘…/component-library-react/src/components.ts’ and is difficult follow that documentation for a newbie like me

for my purpose I need to produce Stencils only for react-typescript web application, there are some step by step tutorial to complete this task?

Hi @DanielePastoriWK! Thank you so much for asking about this. We are actually currently in the process of improving these docs to make them easier to follow and understand. We really appreciate your patience and hope to have these docs updated for you soon.

In the meantime, the proxiesFile is the autogenerated file which contains definitions for all of your components. Everything in that file is exported from the index.ts entry point, so it can be used in your React project. The external path you’re referring to points to where this file should be generated. In this case, it will be placed in the src directory of a directory called component-library-react. We recommend that this React component library is a sibling of your Stencil component library directory. I hope this is helpful!