I am trying to run a basic starter app on ionic iOS, but its not working


I have just started development on ionic and tried a lot to run a started project on iOS device.

This are the following steps i performed. (i have all the dependencies installed)

  1. ionic start MYProjectName sidemenu
    This created a folder on the specified location, with all the dependencies required.
  2. ionic serve
    This helps to run the project in the browser.
  3. ionic cordova build ios
    This creates another folder named platform, with ios xcworkspace file, but on running it on simulator, it keeps on running the loader and stuck on the splash screen.

See the Attached Screenshot

In console i am getting an error
Failed to load webpage with error: The request timed out.


What is your ionic info output?


I have the same issue, seems to be related to WKWebview.
Did you manage to resolve it?