I am struggling for 3 days to build ionic app on mac big sur

I am new to ionic and I downloaded the GitHub repo of moodle mobile app

here is the link: GitHub - moodlehq/moodleapp: The Moodle App

I am getting this error

I searched and applied many community solutions and make a new ionic app and it worked without any problem, I deleted node and angular and ionic many times and reinstall them with different versions

Here is my ionic info

Looks like the Angular CLI is crashing with exit code 3. What happens if you run the underlying Angular CLI command directly? I.e. ng run app:serve --host=localhost --port=8100. Also, the .log file mentioned in your screenshot may have some additional useful information.

Please don’t post images of text.

it gives me : bash: ng: command not found

What does the log file say?