Hybrid mobile application using ionic framework

Hi All,

I am new to Ionic

I am trying to create a hybrid mobile application for android and ios platforms

my requirement are as follows

  1. Application will be without tabs
  2. When clicked on a button that should take me to next screen (i have tried doing this with $state.go but unable to achieve any thing)
  3. How to define state for a new html file added in template , which is not a child to any of the previous screen

Kindly advice me how to do this .

please share me an example/url if possible (i have searched for examples, but all the examples have tabs and navigation view with list)

Thanks in Advance


You can see my reply here on how to create pages, notice that these screens are not children of each other. Please check out the ion-nav-view directive, you don’t need to use tabs even though it shows them in the example.

Here is an example of my implementation of $state.go (where the button calls these functions):

app.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope, $state) {
    $scope.contact = function() {
    $scope.findLocation = function() {

You can also use href:

<a href="#/contact">Go to contact page</a>

I put together a quick codepen that I think may help here. :smile:

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