Ionic page navigation

i want to go to a page from abstract tabs page to static page.after go to static page,cant do back from $ionicHistory and i try $state.go also.but it gives error

here is my app.js states

 .state('dash', {
          url: '/dash',
          templateUrl: 'templates/home.html',
          controller: 'DashCtrl'
      .state('tabs', {
          url: "/tab",
          abstract: true,
          templateUrl: "templates/what-is-i.html",
          controller: 'ITabsCtrl'
      .state('tabs.wht_is_i', {
          url: "/wht_is_i",
          views: {
              'wht_is_i_tab': {
                  templateUrl: "templates/tab-wht_is_ihtml"
      .state('tabs.how_to_t', {
          url: "/how_to_t",
          views: {
              'how_to_t_tab': {
                  templateUrl: "templates/tab-how_to_t.html",
      .state('fMap', {
          url: '/f-map',
          templateUrl: 'templates/f-map.html',
          controller: 'FMapCtrl'

i have home screen.then it has to navigate to tabs with slide menu page.its state is “tab” then have to navigate from a one tab page to ‘fMap’ transitions not working.and after came to “fMap” page,cannot back to previous tabs page.

how to manage it? how i organize the structure of states and views?
thank you

What do you mean by a static page?
How is defined ‘ibs_tabs’ state shown in error?

What does $ionic info return?

Can you paste your code into a Codepen?


this is i want to do.normal pages i called as STATIC pages.
i used 2nd page abstract ,because there is 2 tabs.after button click go to the page3. then i click back button. it gives error.

$scope.appGoBack = function() {
            $state.go('tabs.wht_is_i', {}, {reload: true});

this is the function that i used to back.i used the $ionicHistory also.but it also give an error.

here i did that on PLUNKER.its working on plunker.why it gives errors only local? i added ngCordova also.

my code is working on IOS.but not only android.

when i inspect,i saw this “pane view” opacity is 0.i changed it to 1.then working fine.what is the wrong with that.IOS not show the view?