Huge difference between android and ios app sizes


I’m developing my first app, it’s super small as it only checks for a wifi network to open a web view. It has just one screen with a small js script.

Plugins in use:

  • com.pylonproducts.wifiwizard
  • ionic-native/in-app-browser

The android app size is 13mb, it seemed a bit big, but I can live with it. The thing is when I compiled the app for iOS, the resulting file uploaded to iTunes is 55mb!!!

Is this size difference between platforms normal? Is there a way to optimize?


You might look at the file size of your icons and splash screens as that is one controllable source of app size.

Thanks for the tip. Compressing all the PNG images under /resources reduced the app to 20MB.

Is it still normal that there is this kind of size difference between platforms?


I am also shocked by this. My android app is 90MB and my iOS app is over 280MB. Did you ever find out what is causing the bloat?