Https calls are not working

In my application I make GET and POST calls, however in https they are not working, in http they work perfectly.

Please how I solve this.


“Not working” is awfully vague. What is going over the wire? What status codes are being returned? Does the server have a valid certificate? Are proxies involved?

I’m a beginner in Ionic so I do not know how to get the return, but to explain it better, it does not go to the internet when the link is in https, when it’s in http it does the request normally.

The certificate is not expired, has no proxie.

If you use Ionic’s http plugin, you should return something, wether the request works or not. See this :

You have a catch callback, and you can retrieve status and error message.

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Using this way I received the following error:

SSL handshake failed

I searched the internet to see if I had found something about Ionic 2 regarding this and found nothing.

So if anyone has more tips it’s worth it.

I’m not an expert about https issues, but I don’t think the problem has something to do with Ionic. SSL error probably come from certificate issue. I never had to handle certificates, but you should look this way.

Also, there is interesting things about SSL in the HTTP Ionic plugin docs :

Hope it will help

Works perfectly on browser but not on an emulator

Don’t know what you’re actually responding to, but I’m guessing you didn’t have the whitelist plugin or having proxy issues.

Installed whitelist plugin and added the tags in my config.xml, still does not work.

Annoying thing is it does not display any error

Sorry guys, did you have solve the problem? I have the same.