Unable to make a call to HTTPS url

Hello ionites,
whenever i try to make a call to https url using httpClient im getting CORS issue, and when i try from httpNative i am getting SSLHandshakeException. Seems like the issue is from server side, not sure!

Can anyone help me on this please.

Already wasted my 3 days finding solution

1.To resolve CORS issue you can add urls in your server side for android http://localhost and for ios its ionic://localhost so add both at your server side
More information you can get at

2.If you are using native and its giving SSLHandshakeException it means your server not implemented SSL certificate.

3.Last option check one more time that your calling correct url

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thanks for the reply.
anything to do from ionic side??

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If above solutions not working then try to use Native HTTP calls.

For reference please check.


Cant we resolve the CORS issue without using http native?
If i want to use http native i have to change it in 40 places :frowning:

Allow request from following origins in your server side application

1.http://localhost or https://localhost

Please check on google how to allow request from origins in web applications
If your server side code is one of the language or framework then check it accordingly.
like . Java ,Node or PHP or .net

This is the only solution I know if you dont want to use Native HTTP.

If you solved it some other way then please share so that it will helpful to others.


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Do you have control over the backend?

Issue solved. Thanks ionites!!:slight_smile:

Actually the issue was, whenever i try to make a HTTP call to server it use to through 403 forbidden, due to the mod-Security which used in the server side.
To solve that, i encrypted the passing data just before the HTTP call and decrypt in the back-end.
In case if anyone facing the same issue just encrypt your data and pass it.
Hope this may help to someone.


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