Http.subscribe not working on iOS only after device plugin usage (fingerPrint AIO, data storage)

Hi everyone!

I’m facing a strange issue…

On my browser, everything works fine. I authenticate several times in a row withount any problem.

On real devices, app detects the platform mobile and I use the FingerPrint plugin to retrieve credentials from device then authenticate “silently” only if user has checked the “remember me” option.

I works like a charm on Android… but on IOS, it work only at the first login so this is the regular workflow:

1: login page: user set login/pass and can check the “remember me” option
2. click on login and use app.

If close app then restart it:

  1. app checks if remember me was checked
    if yes => finger print to unlock and then login silently
    if no => login page appears and user can login like in precedent use case

On Android, everything works in each scenario
On iOS… if user checks “remember me”, the http.get(…).subscribe(…) is NEVER triggered… It works only if user logs in by typing his login / pass.

I debuged the code with alerts since I’m working on Windows environment… and FingerPrint works fine, it’s just on my service, when the “subsribe” function is called, notthing happens:

loadCurrentUser(): Promise<Object> {
    const scope = this;
    alert('Loading user...');
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        alert('In promise..');
        )**.subscribe**(           // ==> NEVER triggered on iOS after FingerPrint
          (user: User) => {
            scope.currentUser = user;
            alert('User loaded ' + scope.currentUser.username);
          error => {
            console.error('Could not load user', error);
            alert('Could not load user' + JSON.stringify(error));
            this.loaded = false;
    }).catch(e => {
      throw Error(e);

I thought about a “scope” issue but since it’s working on Android :frowning:
At first app lauch (no finger print validation nor get data from device storage since it’s the first login attempt ever) everything works fine even on iOS…

Any idea…???