Http Issue

Hi everbody,

I have an issue with $http function. I’m building an app, for the moment accessible by a browser. When the app’s experimentation will be ok, i’ll transform it in ios and android app.

All $http services works fine (and so the entire application), when i test with ionic serve function, ionic emulate browser, and when i launch the ionic application with nodejs on my server.

The application is still ok when i test it from my desktop browser.

But when i test it from a mobile browser (chrome, safari, …), the $http services doesn’t work, and i have this message : {"_isScalar":false,“error”:“Server error”} returning…

And i have no idea why… If someone has an idea, i will be the happiest man on earth !

Thank you, and have a good day people !

Please install the cordova whitelist plugin

Hi ! Thank you, i already had install this plugin. I put in but no success…

access origin="*" subdomains=“true” has no effect

Could you post a more detailed explanation?

Whats the full error message, what are you trying to run, code snippet?