Cannot make $http.get works, please help

I’ve always used this service with no problem, but now every time a invoke the $http.get i receive a “0 ()” in return and no error is displayed.

I read a little around and i found a problem with cordova > 4 (i have 7.0.0) and the whitelist-plugin, as described here: Same question on stackoverflow
I followed instructions but i still got the problem.

I also read something about requests that should be made in https, but my site is not https… i cannot even try

I leave a snippet of my code.

This is how i use the service

angular.module("starter").factory("cercaSrv", ["$http", function($http) {
	return {
		searchFor: function(datiObj, device) {
			return $http.get("http://mysite/cerca.php?data=" + datiObj + "&device=" + device);

Here i call it:

cercaSrv.searchFor($stateParams.ricerca, ionic.Platform.device().uuid)
			.then(onSearchOk, onError);

I always ended in the OnError function

Does anyone have an idea of what i could do?
thanks in advance

Ok, found it…
Hope can be of help for someone else:

My AndroidManifest was without the permission of internet.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Don’t know why a rebuild with new version of cordova removed it but that’s it