Http clear text traffic not permitted

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I have a serious problem with http native in android 9 and 10 i have clear text traffic not permitted error even i have this command true on my network security config, should i do special thing more or where is my fault?
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I would suggest just not using cleartext traffic. It’s so much better for the entire Internet and the world at large the more encrypted traffic there is out there.

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So you want to say i should remove this command from network security config xml?

The most important thing I’m saying is that you should be interacting with all network backends via “https:” (not “http:”) endpoints. I would also estimate that 90% of the posters I see here complaining about various stuff involving the cordova “advanced http” plugin (which I think is what you mean when you say “http native”) would be better off just using Angular’s HttpClient instead.

So yes, you should not need to be futzing around with “network security config” at all.

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