ClearText Communication Not Permitted

I am Using Native HTTP Get ionic 4 It gives clear text communication not permitted in android pie version. Http Cannot Work I am trying to Change network_security_config .xml into

My Ionic Cli: 5.2.7

    <domain-config cleartextTrafficPermitted="true">
        <domain includeSubdomains="true">Network  IP Address</domain>

like this,but after i am run the application my changes are removed (i.e the network_security_config .xml file changes removed). Why? How to solve this error.


have you done the changes to app config.xml file?

if so then try adding both lines to your network_security_config .xml

Network IP Address

i will try and say friend thank you

Anyone help me to solve following issue.
status: 0, statusText: ‘unknown Error’, ‘HttpErrorResponse’, ‘message’: ‘Http failure response: 0 unknown error’,

Use https endpoints instead of http ones.

I have used https secure server only for backend. and its working fine in android 6 version devices and in browser but not working in android 9 version devices.

Actually the error getting like. Http failure response for Unknown Error, error: {isTrusted: true}

Is it possibly a CORS problem?

Okay, Thanks for the reply. i will check it.

nop cors don’t appear on https