Http 304


Just wanted to update ionic to benefit from the ionic serve --lab command.
I got:

sudo npm update -g ionic
info trying registry request attempt 1 at 09:27:41
http GET
http 304

Moreover, when ionic isn’t recognized anymore:

sudo ionic serve
sudo: ionic: command not found

Any idea? Is it currently unavailable?


Just reinstalled it with npm install -g ionic.
Don’t figure out why I needed to…

Anyway, the ionic serve --lab feature is awesome !


@Mik378 if you are a windows user run the node command as administrator npm update -g ionic.I also got the same error initially then it fixed up by running command in admin user.

But after trying ionic serve --lab command.The app is still serve in the Browser not in the lab as said in the blog.


@Thamil you’re having issues with the lab command?


@mhartington yes Still am having the issue Am not getting window with side by side as said in the blog .


What version of the CLI are you getting?

$ ionic -v

If this isn’t your version, try npm install -g ionic instead of update.


@mhartington @Mik378 I have checked the CLI Version it was 1.0.13 after .I used to install the latest ionic CLI now its says the versiion is 1.0.14 .I dint get 1.2.13 Version.

How to update the latest CLI Version?


Hmm, this could be conflict with a local copy of the ionic repo.
Do you have the ionic repo cloned in the directory where you are trying to update the ionic-cli?

Try changing you location when you install the cli.
So say you’re trying to ru npm install -g ionic and you’re trying to run that in ~/, try changing to either desktop, documents or another directory.


@mhartington Yes.The problem also with the npm update.So I setup a fresh environment .now it fixed.and I can see the ionic lab feature.Thank you.