Href doesn't work in ion-option-button?

Hi guys, I am new to ionic and run into this issue:
I have a list of trips and want to use the ion-option-button to route to a new page to edit the trip.

 <ion-item ng-repeat="trip in trips" type="item-text-wrap" item="trip">
          Destination: {{trip['destination']}}
          <ion-option-button class="button-calm"  href="#/tab/myTrips/{{trip['id']}}/edit">Edit</ion-option-button>

As you can see, I try to go to that edit page but the href doesn’t work here. But when I put the href on the ion-item tag, it routes to the right state. Any thoughts on this? BTW, I use the nightly build version.


found anything…

This worked for me…

<ion-option-button class="" ui-sref="app.basicDetail({name: vm.param1, id:, header: item.title})"></ion-option-button>