How to write Cordova plugin in Swift?



I know its not refer to Ionic but to Cordova.

I posted question-answer on how to make custom Cordova plugin to work in new language Swift.

Question/Answer in StackOverflow

Hope it will save time. :slight_smile:


Hmm, seems that SO may be your best bet, as your more likely to get help form native developers.

As for writing a plugin in Swift…

Interesting idea, though I’d be cautious. Swift isn’t even finalized and the language could change a lot between now and when it’s finalized. Just my 2¢


Well, we are talking about beta 5-6. 1-2 month and we get release xCode 6. (From history Apple has about 8 betas).

Also from history last versions of beta have focus on performance, stability and other issues but not features.

As I described in answer, I expect changes in Cordoba then in Swift.

Swift uses class bridge to iterate with Objective-C and vise versa. But your comment makes sense


So today its actual :).

Welcome to Swift World!