How to wake up the screen


Hello, Im kinda new to cordova or ionic, so i would like to know if its possible to turn on the screen. For better understanding, im making alarm app and i need to turn the screen on when the phone is locked.


You would want to check out background services, which will let your app run in the background, even if they’re closed. As far as waking a phone or unlocking the screen, I’m not sure that’s possible, for security reasons.


How about this? I tried it but it didnt work… maybe im missing something. I dont get it from this point

Amend the hello\www\config.xml, replace any existing content node with: <content src="scheduler.html" /> (add the content node if not already present)

Since i dont have anything like config.xml in my WWW folder. Well if anyone knows about this or understands it better tell me what i should do to set it up.


The config.xml has been moved to out side your www folder,


So I had to develop my own plugin, it was pain in my … :smiley: but finally it is what i wanted


Oh nice! iOS and android support? Do share my friend!


Well i dont know how to make a git hub repository and Android only.


Can you send me a .zip with your plugin please?