How to use the new corodva plugin for keyboard?

If you open the page for the ionic native keyboard and then click on the repo it says that the repo is deprecated and you should install this plugin instead.

The question is how do you use the new plugin? The plugin won’t work with the normal

npm install --save @ionic-native/keyboard

so what do you have to install instead? The documentation really should be updated, it’s super frustrating :frowning:

Does anyone know how to effectively use this new plugin?

Why not just use the new plugin directly, without Ionic Native inbetween?

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Don’t you have to do both? Ionic cordova plugin add and npm install?

The npm install ... is only for Ionic Native. The Cordova plugin itself can work without that, but isn’t as well integrated with Ionic then (which what Ionic Native is for). But you can still use it like described in the description of the Cordova plugin.

Thank you for your help!

Does that mean there is no way to integrate it well with ionic (= no npm install for this version)?

I don’t know, if there is nothing listed on the Ionic Native page - then no. But using a Cordova plugin directly is just fine as well - this is just a convenience thing.

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