How to use react based component library in Stencil?

I think use react based component in Stencil is theoretically feasible, but when I render “ant-design” component into Stencil, it throw "Uncaught Error: Invalid hook call. "

Stencil is a compiler for web components and really doesn’t make sense if you need to use React. What we did for projects that needed React components was to use a tool called “direflow”, which is essentially a create-react-web-component utility. What you are going to find, if you decide to pursue this path, is that your web components are going to be HUGE. This is because a web component must be thought of as a black box, it has to contain everything in it’s bundle that it needs to render. In the case of React, this bundle becomes BIG pretty fast. That might not be a problem for you if you only need one web component on a “page”, but it’s a real problem if you have to load a number of them. We tried the React approach and quickly decided that we needed to take the Stencil approach for our web components.