How to use query animation in ionic v1

I want to use animation in my app. Is there any equivalent of this jquery animation in angularjs.

$(".bf"+i).animate({top:posY, left:posX},1000+1000*Math.random()).

or if this is not available in angularjs then how can i use jquery animation in ionic v1?

Angular uses CSS3 Transitions and nganimate module to enable animations.

You can still use jquery animations in ionicv1 by just referring to respective jquery source files

@thesourav is it possible to use nganimate from controller.js. And for jquery what is the way to include the reference of jquery file in controller.js

You can include jquery in your index.html. Make sure you declare it before angular/ionic bundle js.

Alternatively, nganimate is already included in ionic bundle js. For more info, you can follow the steps as described here