How to use mdi icons in Ionic 4 (Update: Use any SVG as icon)

How to use the mdi icons in Ionic 4?
Ionic 4 its icons uses svg. Is it possible to use the mdi icons adapted to the Ionic icon component? In best case in the same format (svg). Or does this have to be a separate element?
In Vue I just have to set the prefix mdi- to use these icons.

Damn, I already knew it. Anyway here’s my solution:

  1. Open angular.json and add to app/architect/build/options/assets
  "glob": "**/*.svg",
  "input": "src/assets/custom-ion-icons",
  "output": "./svg"
  1. Download the svg you want as icon and place it to the path you set above. (custom-ion-icons)
    Name the svg files e.g. md-custom-foobar.svg (Android) or ios-custom-foobar.svg (iOS). The prefix is important.

  2. Use the icons. with the prefix custom-.

<ion-icon name="custom-foobar"></ion-icon>

With this solution you can use any svg as icon using the official Ionic ion-icon component.
You could also separate your icons and create several prefixes e.g. mdi-