Ionic 4 tabbar icon customization

I could not find on documentation or anywhere on the internet a way to customize ionic 4 tabbar icon size…
And in the v4 there is a way to set custom colors for each tabbar icon?

its Very Easy to use custom icon in ionic 4 as compared to ionic 3 in order to user custom icon in ionic 4 you just have right svg icon file place it in your assets folders

and use like this

<ion-icon [src]=“assets/imgs/myIcon.svg”></ion-icon>

Hi yo need to create a forder on assets/custom-ion-icons/md-customIcon.svg.

After that you find and add (the second object) this lines on Angular.json

“glob”: “/*.svg",
“input”: “node_modules/@ionic/angular/dist/ionic/svg”,
“output”: “./svg”
“glob”: "
“input”: “src/assets/custom-ion-icons”,
“output”: “./svg”

<ion-tab icon=""customIcon>.

that should be work