How to use ion-nav with Vue?

Hi all!

I’m interested in the usage of ion-nav and I want to learn how to use it with Vue. Though, I cannot find any example or specific documentation that clarifies the way we can use it. I only found Angular examples, which didn’t work when trying to adapt them to Vue.

Has anyone used it and can provide an example?


We definitely need better usage docs for ion-nav , but for now here is how to do it in Vue: ionic-framework/Nav.vue at 3a0465e7d6f9e3cb01336a8bdbd7001e4ec34559 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub

One area for improvement on our end is to make it easier to access the nav instance. Right now we just use a querySelector .

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Thank you, @ldebeasi and @aaronksaunders!!

Your examples have clarified the use of ion-nav to me.

I only have one more doubt: is there any way to “replace” the view that is shown in the ion-nav, instead of pushing it into the stack (and remove the previous views via the removeIndex() method)?

Thank you again! Best regards.