How to use ion-input inside ngfor

Hey, Guys Pls Help me.
I am using ngfor and inside that, i have one ion-input while in am enter number in ion-input that time the same number will be displayed for all another record so I want to prevent that.

I want to display number only one ion-input which I have entered.

show in below images how to solve that

<ion-card id=“maincard” padding *ngFor=“let item of bating;let i=index” [(ngModel)]=“selectedvalue” [hidden]=“maincard”>

    <ion-input style="width: 75px;" type="number""add[i]" name="[i]" placeholder="1234{{i}}" [(ngModel)]="bidAmount" class="amount"  ng-model="amount" required></ion-input>
  <ion-col text-center>
    <button ion-button small outline  (click)="btn_betting_wetten(item.bet_id,item.topic_id,'top')" type="submit" disabled={{btnWetten}} ng-disabled="amount.$invalid"> Wetten {{i}}</button>


I don’t know what the spam and multiple account policy here is, but this looks eerily similar to this.

I know but there was no any specific solution if u have then helped me